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Angus Lib Dems call on Shop Owner to close Legal High shops now

Angus Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that Legal High or “Head” shops in Angus will soon stop selling the controversial products, but have called on the shop owner to close the shops immediately.

The owner of shops in Arbroath and Montrose has said that the campaign against the selling of Legal Highs has been successful and has forced him to reconsider.  In addition, the Lib Dem led policy to make New Psychoactive Substances illegal in future will mean that he will no longer be able to sell the products legally.

Sanjay Samani and David May outside Montrose Legal High Shop

Lib Dem campaigner for Angus, Sanjay Samani, a member of the Montrose Against Legal Highs Group said,

“Angus Lib Dems have fully supported the Montrose and Arbroath Against Legal Highs and we are delighted to see that their campaigns will be successful.  Many parents have been concerned about the effects these Head shops are having on their children.”

“The Lib Dems have taken a grown up approach to tackling drug abuse with the realisation that the current War on Drugs is not working.  As part of the UK Government, Lib Dem Ministers conducted research to show that Legal Highs should be banned, and that those suffering from drug dependence should be treated for their addiction, rather than treated as criminals.”

“We are the only party that are taking common sense, evidence led approach to tackling drug abuse and have a plan than can properly address the issue.”  

Lib Dem Montrose Cllr David May said,

“I am delighted with the news that these shops will soon stop selling Legal Highs but they should stop selling them right now.  They have been a blight on Montrose and Arbroath for several years.  It is fantastic to see a grass roots campaign get wide spread backing from the community and be successful.  Everyone who has backed the Montrose and Arbroath Against Legal Highs should be congratulated on their success and thanked for their hard work.”

“Too many of our residents of all ages, including many youngsters have suffered as a result of easy access to cheap drugs.  We have to take a more grown up approach and help victims of drug abuse, by understanding what led them to drugs in the first place.  We also need to stop an easy supply of cheap dangerous drugs.  That is why I am delighted Lib Dem Government ministers have, despite Tory opposition, indicated that these drugs should be made illegal in future and proper treatment provided for those who have become addicted.”

Honoured to be selected as Angus candidate for 2015 General Election

Angus Liberal Democrats have reselected me to be their candidate for next year’s General Election.  I have campaigned on behalf of Angus residents for many years and as candidate at the 2010 General Election and again at the 2011 Scottish Elections.  
It is a real honour to be selected to represent the Angus Lib Dems again and I would like to thank the members for their continued support.
Angus & Mearns Select Sanjay Samani as their General Election candidate
There has been a clear message from voters in every election since 2010.  We are all fed up with the the same old politics, where our voices are not heard and we feel we cannot make a difference.
Angus voters made it very clear that we want to remain part of the UK at the Independence Referendum, but also that we want the way we do politics to change.  All political parties are committed to further devolution to Scotland and, as a Lib Dem MP, I would work for Home Rule for Scotland.
But that does not go far enough.
Only the Lib Dems are both committed to changing politics and could also be in government to force through the changes we all need.  Labour and the Tories have repeatedly blocked change.  The SNP cannot and will not be part of the government.  The Lib Dems gave you a say on voting change, but our plans for giving you real power to sack your MP, clean up money in politics and having an elected House of Lords have all been blocked, by hard right wing Tories and Labour – desperate to hold on to power.
With only 6 MPs, the SNP cannot make a difference and as they are determined to split our country apart, are not worried about how Westminster is run.
Only with a Scottish Lib Dem can people in Angus be confident that their MP is working for real change to make sure their voice is heard.
Montrose Lib Dem Cllr David May welcomed my selection, saying,
“Sanjay has backed keys campaigns in Angus and in particular the Montrose area.  This includes better funding for flood prevention and coastal erosion across Angus and the need to back plans to develop the Harbour here in Montrose.  He has backed small businesses, the need to reinstate traffic wardens and backed the need to ban Legal Highs.”
Sanjay has also criticised the SNP for their huge cuts on college places, closure of our police counters and lack of action on a flyover at Laurencekirk. 
“Sanjay understands that all MPs should work hard on local issues for their constituents, but that they also need to drive through changes at Westminster so that our views are heard.  All too often SNP MPs sit on their hands on Westminster issues because they are only worried about independence. Angus voters gave a huge majority for being part of the UK and they need an MP who can and will deliver more powers for Scotland and clean up politics at Westminster.” 
Chair of the Angus & Mearns Lib Dems, Clive Sneddon said,
“Sanjay is a worthy candidate and I am delighted that he has agreed to represent the party again at the General Election. Sanjay has stood up for families working in Angus and the elderly. He will work hard to represent everyone in Angus at Westminster.”

Laurencekirk Junction Campaign gets welcome press coverage

Just a brief note to highlight coverage of Jill Campbell’s campaign for a flyover at the notorious Laurencekirk Junction of the A90 in a recent Press & Journal article:

Campaign stepped up over killer junction

This is not a Lib Dem local campaign, it is one that is being run by Jill, Julie and other local people in the area. It really warrants cross party support, but unfortunately the other parties have not thrown their weight behind Jill.

Further improvements needed at Lochlands

I am calling on the SNP government to go further in improving safety at the Lochlands Junction of the A90 at Forfar. Transport Scotland have proposed closure of the central reservation of the A90/A932 due to the accidents which have occurred at that junction.

It was good to see Angus Council’s success in persuading the government of the need for improvements at Lochlands. Whilst closing the central reservation will ease the situation at Lochlands, it may simply move the problem elsewhere. There will be an impact from diverted traffic on local roads, such as the Westport junction, Westfield Loan, West and East High Street. There has to be concern about the risks from large lorries on local roads, particularly for children attending Langland’s primary school.

Visiting Lochlands Junction, and with the number of accidents at this junction, it is clear that something has to be done. There is clearly a need for a flyover, allowing Northbound traffic on the A90 to join the Dundee Road safely. I am joining the campaign to ensure the safety of the people driving to Forfar.

Sanjay Samani visits Lochlands Junction with Lib Dem Cllr David May

I will be writing to Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson to call for his support for a flyover, and I also call on SNP representatives Mike Weir, MP and Andrew Welsh, MSP to back Angus Council’s proposals.

Whilst Lochlands has a lot in common with Laurencekirk junction that I blogged about a week ago, each issue needs to be dealt with on its own merits. In particular the Lochlands junction is used by traffic heading into Forfar and beyond. This means that changing access to the junction will have a knock on effect on other junctions and roads. As a result, a flyover is the only sensible option.

Laurencekirk Junction needs a flyover


I am backing calls for a flyover at the notorious Laurencekirk Junction of the A90. The A937 junction is a well known black spot and is regularly used by North Angus commuters and shoppers making their way to Aberdeen.

There have been enough accidents at Laurencekirk and it is high time Minister for Transport, Stewart Stevenson took action. The SNP Government’s failure to act continues to demonstrate their desire to centralise decision making in Edinburgh. The SNP seems unwilling to listen to or draw on the knowledge and experience of local residents.

I have written to Minister for Transport, Stewart Stevenson asking him to take action. I am also calling on SNP representatives Mike Weir, MP and Andrew Welsh, MSP, to be independent of the SNP administration, and join our campaign to improve safety for Angus commuters and shoppers.

It was disappointing to hear that Transport Scotland see no need for a flyover and I would support the call for the Scottish Parliament to ignore the findings of the study. Saving lives should be of the highest priority when setting transport policy.

I am backing calls by local campaigner Jill Campbell, Liberal Democrats Sir Robert Smith, MP and Mike Rumbles, MSP, along with Montrose Councillors, Liberal Democrat David May and Independent Mark Salmond for the junction to be significantly upgraded.

You can find out more about by clicking here, a link to the campaign’s home page on Bebo, the social networking site.