Attacks by No Supporters Unacceptable

Last week I wrote about how the verbal and physical abuse of No Campaigners by Yes supporters had brought a new low. However it looks as if No campaigners are determined the game of stupid one upmanship that has marked the independence debate.

When it was £500 better off, £500 worse, then £600 better, £800 worse, £1,500 better, we can put it down to the fact that there are simply too many variable to reliably answer key economic questions reliably, so politics took over and that’s just to be expected, however disappointing.

However the abuse online demonstrated best by the behaviour of the CyberNats has until now been the ugly underbelly of this campaign.

As we get closer and closer the critical vote – and my postal vote will go into the letter box today – the abuse has spilled into the streets and the meeting halls and the public debate.

Many No supporters are telling us that they feel intimidated and are scared to show their support. Many Scottish companies believe that their businesses will suffer if they declare their position in favour of keeping a stronger Scotland within the UK. We have seen that abuse first hand at the treatment of Willie Rennie, JK Rowling, Gordon Brown and Jim Murphy. None of which is acceptable.

However there are two reports over the weekend of disgusting, stupid behaviour by No Campaigners and supporters, that I utterly condemn. This is the most important debate of our lives and the most important vote. Inevitably emotions will run high. But there is no excuse by intimidating or violent behaviour from supporters of either the Yes or No campaign.

The first is of a man tailgate Alex Salmond’s car and the other is of a No campaigner kicking a woman in Glasgow. Both are completely unacceptable.

The leaders of both the Yes and No campaigns need to come out together and make a stark call to all their supporters to calm the debate down and head into the final fortnight with a positive debate.

We all need to take a tip from these guys who are campaigning in a fun, positive way:

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