Angus Liberal Democrats Back Community Councils

Arbroath Cllr David Fairweather called for Community Councils to be disbanded to save money. Community Councils provide a vital service on a voluntary basis, which would cost Councils more in the long term


Responding to the suggestion by Arbroath Cllr David Fairweather that Community Councils be disbanded, Liberal Democrat campaigners for Angus, added their support for the great work done by Community Councils.

Sanjay Samani, campaigner for Angus and Mearns, said:

“As secretary of Alyth Community Council, I am fully aware of the crucial role they play in local communities.”

“In particular, Community Councillors do a huge amount of work on a purely voluntary basis.  They organise a tremendous amount of events, discussions and fund raising for local people.  In Alyth, sub groups set up by the Community Council are responsible for the Christmas Lights, the Gala and parade, youth activities, management of the Town Hall and a community consultation on long term plans for the town.  These are just some of the things that Community Councils are responsible for, all across Angus.”

“All this unpaid work done on a voluntary basis would have to be taken up by the Council at considerably more expense than the nominal savings Cllr Fairweather’s suggestion would make.”

Montrose Councillor David May said:

“I visit three Community Councils on a regular basis.  They represent the cross section of opinions to their local councillors and act as a key liaison with Council officials, local police, schools, residents associations and healthcare providers.  They are a weather vane for residents’ opinions on key planning applications and on long term planning for their areas.”

“Without the voluntary work done by them, Council officials would have their work cut out to make sure that their decisions are democratic and represent the views of everyday people.”

Kirriemuir Councillor Alison Andrews commented:

“Having attended my local Community Councils, disbanding them would be a huge loss to communities.  They would lose the strong voice they have with local service providers, with Angus Councillors and Angus Council as a whole.”

“It is really important that residents are able to raise local issues without involving any party politics and it is vital that communities continue to have their say.”