Letter to Angus Press re selection

Dear Sir,

I was very honoured that the Angus Liberal Democrats selected me as the their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate last night. I will be proud to represent them in the forthcoming Westminster General Election.

I am looking forward to hearing from Angus residents about their concerns, campaigning on local issues on their behalf and championing Angus at Westminster.

I believe in strong communities and am secretary of Alyth Community Council and chair of the “Alyth 2020” committee, consulting residents about the future of their town and how to make best use of a £2.5 million development fund.

If elected, I would be independent minded, responsive to residents’ concerns and will get to the heart of issues quickly. I will always stand up for what I believe is best for Angus residents and businesses.

I will campaign against huge government waste on projects such as the NHS IT programme, which will be 4 years late and a staggering £8 Billion over budget. I will promote children’s welfare, say “No to ID Cards” and support small businesses stifled by red tape and tax rises.

I believe the Angus deserves an MP from a party that offers a genuine change of direction. One that understands how to get us out of recession, is free of the scandal of second home flipping and tax avoidance and has real influence in Westminster.

The Liberal Democrats have won justice for the Gurkhas, presented a fair tax plan that will get us out of recession, bucked 400 years of tradition in calling on the Speaker to resign and launched the debate on our mission in Afghanistan. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can make a difference at Westminster, on behalf of the people of Angus.

Sanjay Samani
Liberal Democrat PPC for Angus