Angus Voters deserve better from Labour’s selection process

Angus Labour need to explain selection of candidate Kathy Wiles who compared Yes Scotland supporters’ children to the Hitler Youth and was forced to resign.

The letter below was published in The Courier on Friday, 4th July, which you can find online by clicking here.

Dear Sir,
I was very disappointed to hear your report about the behaviour of Kathy Wiles, Labour’s candidate for Angus for the General Election next year.  Comparing the children of Yes Scotland campaigners to Hitler Youth and calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be shot are unacceptable.  It is welcome that she has resigned as candidate and apologised for her comments.
Angus Labour and the Scottish Labour Party need to be open about how Kathy Wiles was selected as their Westminster candidate, what vetting process was in place and whether they had made even some basic checks on her opinions and behaviour.  It seems they have had little regard or respect for Angus voters by selecting someone with such nasty views.
We have seen similar actions by the notorious CyberNats, such as the horrendous treatment of J K Rowling since her decision to back the Better Together Campaign and the heckling down of Willie Rennie MSP at a debate in Dunfermline.
The tone of the Independence debate has plunged in recent weeks.  Both Better Together and Yes Scotland should strongly condemn any personal attacks on supporters of the other side of the debate.  Angus and Mearns Lib Dems have maintained a positive, friendly approach to the debate throughout.
It is time we stopped the nastiness towards our neighbours and accept that we are all trying to find what is best for Scotland.  We may have a big difference of opinion on whether that is to stand united or split up our family, but we are all striving for the best outcome.
Angus voters deserve a better level of debate from both sides of the Independence debate and they deserve Westminster candidates who will respect all sides of the political debate.
Sanjay Samani

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