Final word on the NHS Programme for IT

I have over the years tried to highlight the national disgrace that was the NHS Programme for IT, and raising awareness that billions of pounds wasted by the last Labour government. I have been relatively quiet about this, since the Coalition government started winding it down.

This is how the Labour party handled your money. Should we ever trust them to run our economy whilst any of Gordon Brown’s back room team were involved?

But just as a final review, this is what the National Audit Office had to say about it in 2011:

“Today’s NAO report concludes that the £2.7 billion spent so far on care records systems does not represent value for money. And, based on performance so far, the NAO has no grounds for confidence that the remaining planned spending of £4.3 billion on care records systems will be any different.”

NAO Update 2011

And this is what the Public Accounts Committee had to say a month ago:

“The benefits flowing from the National Programme to date are extremely disappointing. The Department estimates £3.7 billion of benefits to March 2012, just half of the costs incurred.”

PAC Report 2013

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