Transport Minister’s renewed interest in Laurencekirk welcome

The SNP’s governments renewed interest in building a flyover at Laurencekirk is welcome

With Keith Brown MSP’s visit to Laurencekirk junction, the SNP’s governments renewed interest in building a flyover is welcome

I was delighted to hear that the new SNP minister saw the junction for himself and this was a huge step forward. The news that he has asked for more detailed costs is also great news. His predecessor seemed to suggest that the cost could be £23 million, which would make it the most expensive flyover in Scotland!

In my view the flyover should be added back into the Strategic Transport Project Review immediately.  The sooner the junction is built, the better. It is great to see road safety back as the top priority for transport policy.

North Angus and Mearns residents, from Forfar, Brechin, Montrose and Laurencekirk see no reason for any further delay. They will be relieved to know that there is now hope for a successful end to the superb campaign led by Jill Campbell.

She should be commended for carrying on the fight, and forcing the Scottish Government to rethink their decision not to build the Laurencekirk flyover.

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