Alcohol Awareness Week Scotland

This is Alcohol Awareness Week in Scotland, and we should all be Making It Count by drinking responsibly.

With alcohol death rates having doubled in a generation, it is vital that we all take a more responsible attitude towards alchohol.  That is is why I am supporting Alcohol Awareness Week Scotland, which is running this week between 4th and 10th October.

Alcohol abuse can have a devastating effect on families.  Heavy drinking at home by parents is accepted as “normal behaviour” by children and repeats the cycle of alcohol abuse.

As I noted in my post earlier this year, alcohol abuse is linked to severe neglect and abuse of children in our country:

In fact, charity Turning Point, claimed last year that 1.3 million children across the UK are living with parents who misuse alcohol. Far from being a “mystique”, alcohol is a regular part of these children’s lives, disrupting their families, and leaving them exposed to rage, violence and neglect. This has been shown to create a negative self image amongst children, increase levels of depression and truancy, and affect their attainment at school and later in life. These children are growing up thinking that heavy drinking is normal behaviour.

Please support this campaign.  And Make Family Time Count by drinking responsibly.