Royal Montrose Golf Club’s Bicentenary Plans

I discussed Royal Montrose’s Bicentenary celebrations with vice-captain, Brian Ritchie, and hope everyone in Angus will support them.

I recently visited the Royal Montrose Golf Club and met with vice-captain, Brian Ritchie to discuss plans for the club’s bicentenary celebrations.

Brian discussed the club’s prestigious history as the 9th oldest golf club, including its royal patronage in 1845, along the club’s central role in defining the modern game and popularising the sport in America.

It is clear that the club have worked very hard, and planned a first class programme, which is being backed by local businesses and the council. I am sure the year will prove to be a huge success not only for the club but also for the town. The celebrations will, I hope attract more tourists to Montrose and Angus as well as the excellent links course and be a boost for all of Montrose’s excellent golf clubs.

Sanjay with vice-captain, Brian Ritchie in front of Honours Board at Royal Montrose Golf Club

I was also given a tour of the clubhouse and the changes that have been made to make the club more friendly towards visitors. By coincidence, the club’s impressive new signage was being put up during my visit.

I hope that residents of Montrose, Angus and beyond will support the club’s celebrations, as the club has made great efforts to welcome visitors. Along with the Mercantile and Caledonian, Montrose’s golf clubs provide excellent local facilities for the town.